Blú Perfer stirs conversation with its electric blue color, a natural effect born from grape skin, raspberry, and passion fruit extracts. The young wine emits the soft, fresh character of raspberry and passion fruit aromas.

Blue wine is a recent revolution among oenologists. Created from the hues of anthocyanins, blue wines introduce a fresh genre to wine standards, bringing new conversation to an industry in which reds, rosés, whites, and cavas have traditionally dominated. The blue wine’s fruity flavors and disruptive tonality generate debate among tasters and lovers of good wine.

Blú Perfer pairs well with snacks, cheeses, and canapes, as well as pasta, seafood, and rice meals. It also stands well on its own.

Bodegas Perfer believes great wines begin with quality grapes. As such, they carefully prune, irrigate, harvest, and sort their vineyards to ensure only the finest bunches become premium Perfer wines.