Introducing the Wines of Spain

City Centre Wine exists to connect Washington wine consumers with an exquisite selection of Spanish wines. We work with distributors, retailers, restaurants, and consumers to deliver world-class wines. 

Born in Madrid, we possess a rich appreciation for Spanish wine-making. Our repertoire includes historic, family-owned wineries of all sizes. Our winemakers have refined their techniques for generations and compete for top awards. We walk the vineyards and build relationships with the vintners we represent, so we can take pride in the artistry and quality of each vintage. 

We will introduce you to Spanish wines that impress and linger, and we will equip you with the resources you need to serve your clients or enrich your oenological knowledge.

Welcome to the wines of Spain.


Our Leadership

Robert B Leggett

Robert (Bruce) Leggett founded City Centre Wine in 2017 as a subsidiary of New West Energy Group based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. City Centre Wine is a federally-licensed wine importer and specializes in providing the best of boutique Spanish wines to Washington State. City Centre Wine partners with CODIPRAL SL, a well-known wine distributor based in Madrid with a 30-year track record representing hundreds of Spanish wineries throughout Europe.

Leggett founded New West Energy Group in 2014 which provides technical upstream consulting to both domestic and foreign oil companies. Leggett developed a broad world-view during his 37-year petroleum engineering career having lived and worked in six different countries. After graduating from the University of Missouri in 1980, Leggett joined Amoco Production Company and continued with British Petroleum after the two firms merged in 1998. He has worked in various technical and leadership roles living in Egypt, the United Kingdom, Kuwait, Russia, Argentina, and Iraq for about 19 years.

Joaquin Zamorano

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, Joaquin Zamorano worked briefly for the investment banking industry before entering the trade industry to strengthen ties between the US and Spain. His work centers on his passion for the exceptional nature of Spanish wines and the local wineries that produce them.

“Everything around us is a miracle and everything is loaded with spirituality. The miracle of wine begins first in the grape, which is the living expression of the Spanish land (minerality, earth, air, water, sun). And it continues with winemaking, which is the expression of the culture, knowledge, technique and the character of the Spanish people. All, in a glass of wine for our discovery and admiration. Ancient vineyards, splendorous grapes, cult wines. The best way to know Spain.”